Pronghorn Facts, Information & Research

About Pronghorn

Historical Pronghorn
Habitat in Arizona

2000 Habitat & Fawn Survey

Horn Growth Study

Chronic Wasting Disease

Winter Precipitation and Fawn Survival

Ancient Antelope Run

Wild Ungulates Effect on Pronghorn

Birth Synchrony

Analysis of Reintroduced Pronghorn using DNA

AZ Historical
Trapping Statistics

Elk as a Factor Affecting Anderson Mesa Pronghorn

Nutritional Study

Study being applied to Anderson Mesa regarding herbaceous response to grazing following juniper cutting

Study being applied to Anderson Mesa regarding vegetation and forbe response to cattle exclusion

2005 Pronghorn Survey Data

2006 Region II Pronghorn Survey Data

2005 Wildlife Summit

USFS Study of Upper Verde River

Anderson Mesa GPS Collared Pronghorn Data

Factors Affecting Variation on Pronghorn Horn Growth

Link to 2006 Pronghorn Management Guide Published by the 21st Pronghorn Workshop and North Dakota G&F

Tooth Aging/Horn Size Study

Quenching the Thirst for Knowledge

2006 22nd Biennial Pronghorn Workshop Proceedings





Sonoran Pronghorn

Penninsular Pronghorn

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