26th Annual Hunter Clinic
June 16, 2018

Embassy Suites Phoenix-Tempe
4400 S Rural Rd

Registration 11
:00 am
12:00 - 4:00 Seminar



Knowing how hard it is to draw to draw an antelope tag or even multiple tags in a lifetime, the AAF offers  those lucky enough to have drawn a permit (YOU!) valuable information to maximize this opportunity. Drawing and hunting for antelope is unlike other species in Arizona. The speed and eyesight of this animal can frustrate the best of hunters!

That’s where we come in!  Attend our annual Hunting Clinic oand we will provide you with a wealth of information that will assist you in your pursuit of this beautiful creature.   What we cover:

    ♦  how to field judge your trophy    ♦    archery and rifle hunting tactics   

    ♦  how to use optics (a MUST)      ♦  proper field care      

    ♦  spot & stalk tactics in open areas without cover (this is where antelope hang)

    ♦  how to distinguish bucks from does (both can have horns)    

    ♦   how to photo document your hunt

    ♦ where to hunt – G&F reps will be on hand to discuss units

The clinic is free to attend if you are currently an AAF member, otherwise the fee is $20 per person and includes a 2018 membership.  We will accept registration for the clinic at the door. or register below and expedite your check in process.



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